Jatrodiesel’s Distillation systems set an industry standard in terms of efficiency and yields. Our state-of-the-art distillation systems allow our customers to purify the methyl ester (biodiesel) to clear liquid with specification exceeding ASTM 6751 standards. The core specifications the distillation column will address are total glyceride reduction to trace quantities, remove color, reduce acid number, reduce sulfur to less than 15 PPM and remove all impurities such as metals and non biodiesel matter. The distilled biodiesel is a clear colorless liquid irrespective of the feedstock used. Some of the core advantages of our methyl ester (biodiesel) distillation columns are as follows:

  1. Packed columns with high efficiency packing and distribution trays.
  2. Columns are operated under less than 5 torr vacuum with highly efficient vacuum systems.
  3. Our distillation temperatures are lower due to high vacuum conditions, this allow the distilled product not to polymerise and maintain biodiesel properties intact.
  4. Lowest reflux ratio design, 1:0.25 (feed:reflex).
  5. Distillation Column, exchangers, vessels, pumps, instruments and piping built as per code.
  6. Replacement packing available within 1 to 2 weeks, if necessary.
  7. Lowest cost distillation columns in the industry, guaranteed.
  8. Material of construction, stainless steel (304/316).
  9. Hands free operation, with near zero operator interference.
  10. Automation through Delta-V (Emerson).

Biodiesel distillation columns are the final step in our SUPER™ Process. We offer this solution as a standard for all our SUPER™ Process packages. This allows all our SUPER™ plants to produce the same very high quality biodiesel.