Recent Projects

We’ve helped biodiesel producers throughout the world create some of the most efficient and productive refinery operations in existence today. From full-scale, turnkey processing plants to process optimization and engineering support, we’ve done it all, and we’re proud of the projects we’ve completed around the globe.

We built/modified/retrofitted 18 plants to-date all over the world. In the U.S we built plants in 11 states.

Please take a moment to check out some highlights from our extensive project portfolio for a first-hand look at how JatroDiesel is shaping biodiesel technology.

The above refinery is our 2nd generation biodiesel technology plant based on SUPER™ Process. This plant was built by Patriot Ethanol, it is integrated into their ethanol facility. It produces 5 million gallons per year of biodiesel based on corn oil generated by the ethanol plant. Also, this plant is capable of processing any feedstock up to 100% fatty acid. It is in production and is operated by two employees per shift. The Patriot Ethanol facility including the biodiesel facility is acquired by CHS, which is one of the largest ethanol distributor and they are into multiple other businesses. This plant is fully automated and continuous. For more information on the facility, please call us at +1 (937) 847 8050