I have been to a few plants around the world; nothing looks close to what you have there. Great job and the maturity in technology shows. A great looking plant and an excellent product.

Roger B, Marketer, NY, 2009

Had a few issues with Biodiesel before and dropped buying Biodiesel for a while. Since buying the last 3 loads from you guys, it’s been great, no issues. Thank you for the good quality and price. Hope to buy more this winter for home heating oil customers.

Jeremy O, Distributor, PA and OH registered, 2010

Thanks guys for the Bio. No more tinkering on my own, I finally found you guys. Next thing you do is setup an on-site unmanned dispenser…that would be fantastic.

Niel Shah, 2009

We have been buying and blending Biodiesel for the past 3 years. Your product is excellent and is working well in the winter. Keep up the good work.

Jack B, Distributor 2012

Worked with a few Biodiesel technology companies before, but the depth of knowledge, ability to provide the high quality equipment and experience in the process you guys possess is truly helping independent consultants such as me. Thank you for the high quality equipment. My customer is happy, and I am happy 🙂

Bill D, Technology consultant, 2011

Thanks a lot for the blending equipment. The equipment is working great and no issues (touch wood!). The automation and related electricals are working great and are able to blend at various levels with a touch of the button. Thank you for all your education.

C Turin, Biodiesel distributor, 2011

One of the things I noticed with your technology is the design basis and the implementation process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the engineering and learning their methods. I think you guys are on the cutting edge of implementing a project and using the resources. Looking forward to working with you in near future.

Tracy P, PhD, P.E, Alternative Fuels, 2011

Saw you guys on BioTrucker site. Excellent stuff. Using it on an ongoing basis for the past few months. Excellent pricing too.   Love it. Thanks for helping us Truckers. Will pass along the good word. I know I dropped by without an appointment, if you can setup multiple pumps, it will help, I was waiting […]

Randy C, Dayton, OH, 2008

Thank you for the tour and excellent support for the project development efforts. The team is first class and knowledge base is extensive. I would gladly recommend you guys to anyone who is thinking of Biodiesel.

Nicole S, Process Consultant 2012

The financial calculators your team provided are one of a kind and comprehensive. The files would have easily saved our team couple of months. We are in the final stages of checkouts, these process and business calculators are a great help to do the stress testing and business case testing using various parameters. Thank you […]

Fran S, CFO, 2015