Thanks guys for the Bio. No more tinkering on my own, I finally found you guys. Next thing you do is setup an on-site unmanned dispenser…that would be fantastic.

Niel Shah, 2009

I wanted to thank you guys for what you are doing. I am sure lot of folks say this, but you guys are truly helping the country, the local economy and folks like us with an excellent product.

Bob B, Farmer/Engineer/tinkerer! 2012

Thank you for pumping at a short notice. Pass along my thanks to Oscar. A few of the truckers will be coming your way. Thank you for helping the individual truckers like us, we need folks like you.

Ron Y, Trucker, 2009

Unbelievable weather in the past week, we have seen -20F (with wind chill) and your B10 still performed very well. Good job guys.

Ronny M, Distributor, OH, 2009

Saw you guys on BioTrucker site. Excellent stuff. Using it on an ongoing basis for the past few months. Excellent pricing too.   Love it. Thanks for helping us Truckers. Will pass along the good word. I know I dropped by without an appointment, if you can setup multiple pumps, it will help, I was waiting […]

Randy C, Dayton, OH, 2008

The fuel worked out great. I know things are down across the board, but Quality fuel with Good pricing is always going to sell. I am convinced you have the capability for offering both. Thank you.

Jay S, Marketer, GA, 2010

Thank you for the consulting/equipment and a quick turnaround. All the issues regarding Animal Fat biodiesel (including Cold Soak) are now behind us. Pass along our sincere thanks to your engineers.

Process fixes, Creole bio, 2010

Great service and fuel locally. Thank you for the documents. We will switch to B50 in April.

C Parker, Entrepreneur, 2011

Excellent product and good price. Thank you.

C Grover, Biodiesel distributor, 2011

Thanks a lot for the blending equipment. The equipment is working great and no issues (touch wood!). The automation and related electricals are working great and are able to blend at various levels with a touch of the button. Thank you for all your education.

C Turin, Biodiesel distributor, 2011