About Us


Since its founding in 2004, JatroDiesel has completed construction of 17 biodiesel refining plants in multiple countries on three continents. In the United States alone, JatroDiesel plants can be found in eight different states from coast to coast. Every year, the biodiesel plants that we build around the world eliminate millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions to help protect the environment, meet increasing energy demands, and create jobs to boost regional economies.

Our company is built on decades of research and biodiesel technology experience that helps us to achieve our industry-leading results and value for investment. We are fully committed to serving our clients as a comprehensive partner that can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of their operations from the concept and design stages all the way through to construction and post-build process engineering and support.


Our mission is to be a true catalyst of change—offering environmentally-conscious and sustainable feedstock solutions. We are dedicated to helping our clients worldwide efficiently manufacture biodiesel fuels and to empower them and the communities they live in. We will always strive to provide cost-effective, scalable, and robust solutions that leverage superior, field-proven process technologies.

About Our Technology

We provide a continuous biodiesel process that:

  • is mature and production tested
  • uses no water (water wash is optional)
  • is fully automated
  • has low maintenance
  • supports multi-feedstock of virtually any Free Fatty Acids (up to 100% FFA) depending on the technology chosen
  • produces colorless biodiesel
  • offers high-sulfur feedstock solutions (for tallow, chicken fat and YG)
  • is cold soak compatible
  • offers glycerin processing to technical grade or pharma-grade
  • offers full recovery and purification of methanol via Methanol Distillation

Company Data

JatroDiesel at a Glance

  • Founded in 2004 by Raj Mosali and Rahul Bobbili
  • Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton)
  • Turnkey provider of biodiesel fuel processing equipment, services, and technologies
    • To date, completed construction of 17 biodiesel plants on three continents
    • 14 plants across the United States and 3 outside the U.S
    • Built plants between 3 mgpy to 50 mgpy in size
  • Mature Process Technology
    • Multi-feedstock
    • Close loop system operating under negative pressure
    • Variable FFA up to 100%
    • Waterless wash; EPA friendly
    • Fully automated and low maintenance
    • Lowest process emissions in the industry
    • Highly energy efficient
    • Guaranteed ASTM quality
    • TURNKEY implementation
  • Support and process optimization services for existing operations