JatroDiesel provides washing solution for Biodiesel to remove free glycerin. The washing is done through pre-mixing of water and feeding it to a centrifuge. We have partnered with GEA Westfalia for centrifuge solutions and expertise. Washing process is part of the SUPER™ technology. High speed centrifuges provide the following advantages:

  1. Fully continuous, and automatic operations.
  2. Low space requirement.
  3. Designed for hazardous area.
  4. On the fly, fine tuning to meet the required specification.
  5. Off line monitoring of the washing system by GEA Westfalia.
  6. Meets and exceeds the biodiesel specification.
  7. Low water usage.
  8. All auxiliary pre and post centrifuge equipment is provided by JatroDiesel.
  9. Water used for washing is recycled and reused.
  10. Operating cost is negligible compared to filtration, resin or physical washing.

The Biodiesel once washed through the JatroDiesel washing system meets the ASTM 6751 specification. The washed biodiesel is stored for further processing through biodiesel distillation.