SUPER™ Process

JatroDiesel’s SUPER™ process is a patented single stage, catalyst free, supercritical process technology that will process feedstock with free fatty acid (FFA) up to 100% with minimal or no loss in yield, and completely eliminates the use of a catalyst such as Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Methylate or heterogeneous catalyst (solid or enzymatic). This provides a substantial savings.

The Traditional biodiesel production process involves pre-processing the high (up to 20%) FFA feedstock using esterification or glycerolysis or enzymatic processes. Post Esterification, the low FFA feedstock/ester mix is converted to methyl esters (biodiesel) through transesterification, which uses a base catalyst (such as Sodium Methylate or Potassium Methylate). Through esterification and transesterification, the traditional biodiesel production process can only handle feedstock with FFA up to 20% by weight before losing yields and running into quality issues.

In the SUPER™ (supercritical) process both esterification and transesterification are combined into a single stage and operates under high pressure and temperature. This method eliminates the usage of any catalyst. The SUPER™ process can handle feedstock with FFA up to 100% by weight.

The key highlights of the SUPER™ production process after operating a 5 million gallon per year facility at CHS, Inc., located in Illinois are (i) process simplicity;  (ii) high reaction rates; (iii) plant operability; and (iv) feedstock flexibility.

JatroDiesel believes these are the key elements necessary for a biodiesel production facility to be efficient and financially successful. Also, we believe biodiesel facilities will produce through the SUPER™ process in near future due to several advantages highlighted below.

By employing Jatrodiesel’s SUPER™ process, producers will gain a number of clear advantages over using Traditional processes, including:

  1. No Catalyst is required.
  2. 25% to 32% savings on production cost compared to the Traditional process.
  3. Feedstock flexibility to blend oils with FFA up to 100% by weight.
  4. >98% biodiesel yield vs. Traditional plants with 89% to 96% biodiesel yields.
  5. Single stage reaction instead of multiple stages in a Traditional plant.
  6. Glycerin purity of greater than 95% by weight yields a high value than glycerin from Traditional plants.
  7. No soaps ever generated in the Transesterification reaction which is a labor cost issue for Traditional plants.
  8. Wet methanol can be used, a moisture tolerant reaction.
  9. Smaller footprint.
  10. Fast reaction rates, less than a minute.
  11. Simple process with minimal monitoring.
  12. Simplified plant operations.
  13. Equipment utilized for the SUPER™ process is ASME certified.
  14. Energy cost par with Traditional process.

Currently we are offering 5 MGPY (50 TPD), 10 MGPY (100 TPD), 15 MGPY (150 TPD) and 20 MGPY (200 TPD) SUPER™ Process systems. We will quote on a case by case basis for system sizes over 20 MGPY.