Solvent Recovery

JatroDiesel is well known in the Biodiesel industry to provide solvent distillation columns and solvent recovery solution with unbeatable product purity. Our methanol distillation columns outperform in both delivering high quality product and also in terms of pricing. The minimum methanol purity of less than 1000 PPM is required for the biodiesel production facilities to produce high quality biodiesel.  The exceptional performance is due to sound engineering, design and workmanship in the distillation columns manufactured by JatroDiesel. Some of the key advantages of our distillation columns are:
  1. Can handle methanol moisture feed up to 30% by weight.
  2. Produce distilled methanol product with less than 500 PPM, guaranteed.
  3. Lowest reflex ratio design, max reflex ratio 1:1 (feed:reflex)
  4. Less than 1% by weight methanol concentration in column bottoms.
  5. Distillation column, exchangers, vessels, pumps, instruments and piping built as per code.
  6. Replacement packing available within 1 to 2 weeks, if necessary.
  7. Lowest cost distillation columns in the biodiesel industry, guaranteed.
  8. Material of construction, stainless steel (304/316).
  9. Hands free continuous operation, with no operator interference.
  10. Automation through Delta-V (Emerson)
The solvent recovery systems is utilized in post SUPER™ process to recover and re-use excess methanol. The SUPER™ process consumes no more methanol than a traditional process. Due to the high tolerance of moisture in methanol for the SUPER™ process, our methanol distillation column can be utilized to process wet methanol available in the open market from other biodiesel plants.