JatroDiesel has pioneered the feedstock filtration process that fits the need specific to the Biodiesel industry. We use natural silicate that is engineered for removal of polar contaminants such as soaps, metals, color pigments and phospholipids in the Pre-Filtration process of oils and fats.

The equipment provided for the process is designed to continuously filter incoming feedstock to  meet the specifications required for the post process (SUPER™ process). The by-products from the pre-filtration process are waste water and spent clay. The waste water is generated by removing moisture in the incoming feedstock. The spent clay is the result of filtration of feedstock. The spent clay accumulates all impurities such as phospholipids, metals, soaps, color pigments and other impurities, it can be disposed of as land fill or used as soil supplement.

The Pre-Filtration process equipment is designed by JatroDiesel to provide the following advantages to the customer.

  1. Capable of handling oils and fats (feedstock) with MIU up to 3%.
  2. Capable of handling feedstock with FFA up to 100% by weight.
  3. Hands free continuous silicate loading capability.
  4. Continuous filtration system with automated cleaning cycles when required without operator interference.
  5. Automated spent clay disposal system into dumpster.
  6. Automated filter maintenance schedule notification.
  7. Top of the line industrial filters, vessels, mixers, pumps & heat exchangers that meets all codes.
  8. Automation using Delta-V (Emerson).
  9. Lowest usage of silicates, dosage rate varies from 0.1% to 1% by weight depending on the impurity level.
  10. Filtered feedstock meets and exceeds the input requirement of the SUPER™ process.