We provide energy solutions in an environmentally conscious way by innovating technologically advanced solutions that change the status quo.

JatroDiesel is one of the longest running biodiesel technology companies in the world today. JatroDiesel provides processes you need to efficiently and economically produce biodiesel on a production scale. We offer a 2nd generation technology that produces biodiesel using supercritical method and we call it the SUPER™ process.

After years of experience operating our own facilities and building traditional plants for our customers, we evolved the production process to the SUPER™ process. It took us 5 years to develop the SUPER™ process. The core advantages for production facilities using SUPER™ process are as following.

  1. Capability to process feedstock with free fatty acid (FFA) up to 100%.
  2. Greater than 98% biodiesel yield.
  3. No catalyst, what so ever.
  4. High quality biodiesel & glycerin.
  5. Process and operation simplicity.
  6. 25% less production cost verses traditional plants.
  7. Capital cost par with traditional plants.
  8. Energy cost par with traditional plants.
  9. Small foot print, takes less than one acre.
  10. Less processing steps compared to traditional plants.

The biodiesel is produced through the supercritical method in 5 steps verses traditional method that takes 8 to 10 steps. We have put together a simple block diagram to illustrate the steps involved in both the production methods. The block diagram for the traditional method on the right side of the page is universally accepted by 99% of all biodiesel production facilities.

The SUPER™ process was developed after 3 years of research and development and another 2 years of production experience. The SUPER™ process has been patented and it can only be licensed from JatroDiesel. Also, the licence is location and volume specific.

This patent trumps all other patents that are filed in this area, due to the early nature of the patent filing date and the broad spectrum that covers the range of the reaction parameters. JatroDiesel takes it very seriously the patent infringement issue, to protect its customers from none licenced customers.

JatroDiesel offers the SUPER™ technology for both greenfield projects and pre-existing traditional production plants. The greenfield projects can be implemented with the SUPER™ technology and gain all advantages mentioned above.

The traditional facilities can evolve by implementing SUPER™ parallel process to the traditional process. By doing so, the facilities can produce high quality biodiesel by utilizing the feed generated by the following sources.

  1. High FFA’s generated through fatty acid stripping columns.
  2. Soap stock generated through caustic stripping.
  3. Un-converted biodiesel from distillation columns
  4. Bringing in high FFA feedstock to reduce raw material cost.

The above feed is converted to Biodiesel through a lighter version of the SUPER™ process and re-introduced into the traditional process, this allows tradition plants to reduce their yield loss considerably and produce up to 98% yield. Using this lighter version of SUPER™ process, the traditional plants will be able to use high FFA feedstocks with low feedstock cost such as brown grease. The footprint of this parallel process is small and fits well into the existing traditional plants.