Thank you for the tour and excellent support for the project development efforts. The team is first class and knowledge base is extensive. I would gladly recommend you guys to anyone who is thinking of Biodiesel.

Nicole S, Process Consultant 2012

Worked really well in our diesel generators and we intend to use a lot more Bio blends this season. The consistency of the product over the testing period (of 45 days) has been excellent compared to anyone else we have worked with. We intend to use your product in the Midwest states.

R Aziz, Alternative energy company executive, 2010

Our group is impressed by your team’s knowledge and depth of knowledge. We appreciate all the help in answering our questions. We unequivocally recommend you to our customer and to anyone else who wants to build a biodiesel plant whether with Traditional process or with your newer Super system.

Michael S, Process Engineer (consulting engineer for a midwest company), 2013

I wanted to thank you guys for what you are doing. I am sure lot of folks say this, but you guys are truly helping the country, the local economy and folks like us with an excellent product.

Bob B, Farmer/Engineer/tinkerer! 2012

Thank you for the tour. Thank you for stressing so much on the quality, and a great looking lab. We will start blending 5% for our Home Heating customers. BTW, we did freezer test on the bio sample I collected and looks great!! Keep it up. God bless.

R. Finley, Petroleum distributor, IN, 2009

Excellent product. We have been holding off for a long time. Thank you for the education. You guys converted us into Biodiesel evangelists! Great price too. Thank you.

Bob R, Regeants, 2011

Thank you for pumping at a short notice. Pass along my thanks to Oscar. A few of the truckers will be coming your way. Thank you for helping the individual truckers like us, we need folks like you.

Ron Y, Trucker, 2009

I have been to a few plants around the world; nothing looks close to what you have there. Great job and the maturity in technology shows. A great looking plant and an excellent product.

Roger B, Marketer, NY, 2009

Your engineering team is excellent. I have been to a few technology provider shops, and haven’t seen a system as robust, flexible and as automated as yours. The choice was fairly clear after the first hour. Looking forward to working with your team.

Ron P, Future biodiesel producer, NY, 2011

Very accommodating staff and awesome quality. I am getting 0.4 miles per gallon more than the regular Diesel. Cetane number is great too. Had no issues with filters. Keep up the good work and thank you for the awesome price.

Romio R, Indianapolis, IN, 2009