Thank you for the time taken to explain the pros and cons of the usage when we have started. No problems using B99 for the past 2 months. It has been 2 months since we have visited a gas station and saved a few hundred dollars too (no need for a stimulation check from IRS!!). […]

Rob C, Mason, OH, 2009

Thanks a lot for the blending equipment. The equipment is working great and no issues (touch wood!). The automation and related electricals are working great and are able to blend at various levels with a touch of the button. Thank you for all your education.

C Turin, Biodiesel distributor, 2011

Thank you for the swap. The Bio worked out well. Will drop by for more from my restaurant…and after I talk to a few restaurants that my friends own.

D Brevard, Restauranteur/Farmer, Ohio, 2011

Thank you for the tour of your facility. The staff’s knowledge is exemplary and your company’s sustainability philosophy is in line with ours. Looking forward to working with JatroDiesel.

T Sopz, Sustainability consultant for a grocery chain, 2009

Excellent product. We have been holding off for a long time. Thank you for the education. You guys converted us into Biodiesel evangelists! Great price too. Thank you.

Bob R, Regeants, 2011

Excellent service and great product. Thank you for working with us on the pilot. We will order B10 going forward for trucking (Winter) and B50 for facilities heating. BTW, thank you for working with our existing diesel distributor.

Z Rehm, Fleet manager, OH, 2011

I came across you guys on web site. Dropped by to pick up Bio while going on a family trip to visit our in-laws in Indianapolis. Good quality stuff. Using it at B15 in my Jetta TDI. Will suggest you guys to others. Will surely drop by in future whenever passing through the area.

Heather L, Pittsburgh, PA, 2008

Saw you guys on BioTrucker site. Excellent stuff. Using it on an ongoing basis for the past few months. Excellent pricing too.   Love it. Thanks for helping us Truckers. Will pass along the good word. I know I dropped by without an appointment, if you can setup multiple pumps, it will help, I was waiting […]

Randy C, Dayton, OH, 2008

We stopped using Cetane boosters after started using your Bio. Saving money on both ends. Keep up the good work. Thinking of blending it down to B10 all through the winter starting Nov, will it work? (JD note: Yes it will, Cesar)

Cesar M, Maintenance supervisor, large trucking fleet, IN, 2009

Very accommodating staff and awesome quality. I am getting 0.4 miles per gallon more than the regular Diesel. Cetane number is great too. Had no issues with filters. Keep up the good work and thank you for the awesome price.

Romio R, Indianapolis, IN, 2009