Worked with a few Biodiesel technology companies before, but the depth of knowledge, ability to provide the high quality equipment and experience in the process you guys possess is truly helping independent consultants such as me. Thank you for the high quality equipment. My customer is happy, and I am happy 🙂

Bill D, Technology consultant, 2011

Thank you for running the Super pilot with our product. Very impressed with the technology and your process engineer’s knowledge. Thank you for spending time without any hold back of information. Very rarely we find that in the market. Our customer got a go ahead from us. Looking forward to working with your team on the […]

Louis A, Process Engineer (representing an international customer), 2015

Thank you for a great product. It worked great in our equipment at 100% blend. We will miss using it in Winter. Also please start delivering Biodiesel.

Pat L, Farmer, 2011

We stopped going to restaurants and collect oil and make Bio. Now I have a great spot to get quality Biodiesel at a good price.  Customer Service was excellent.

Jim R, Mason, OH, 2008

Thank you for the time taken to explain the pros and cons of the usage when we have started. No problems using B99 for the past 2 months. It has been 2 months since we have visited a gas station and saved a few hundred dollars too (no need for a stimulation check from IRS!!). […]

Rob C, Mason, OH, 2009

Worked really well in our diesel generators and we intend to use a lot more Bio blends this season. The consistency of the product over the testing period (of 45 days) has been excellent compared to anyone else we have worked with. We intend to use your product in the Midwest states.

R Aziz, Alternative energy company executive, 2010

Your engineering team is excellent. I have been to a few technology provider shops, and haven’t seen a system as robust, flexible and as automated as yours. The choice was fairly clear after the first hour. Looking forward to working with your team.

Ron P, Future biodiesel producer, NY, 2011

We have been buying Biodiesel from multiple vendors for the past few years to be used in our Construction equipment (80 vehicles). Always had one issue or the other with the quality. Never with your stuff. Thank you for keeping quality in mind.

Barbara J, Columbus, IN, 2009

Please pass along my thanks to the folks at the fill station. They have been fantastic and the product we bought is working out great. And the price is great too.

Ronen C, Biodiesel enthusiast and user, 2011

Thank you for an informative session couple of weeks ago. After using a full load of Biodiesel, this past week, we are totally convinced. The lab and the folks operating the lab were very knowledgeable. Please pass along our gratitude to them for answering all our questions patiently 🙂

Curtis C, Co-op, Indiana, 2011