Thank you for a great product. It worked great in our equipment at 100% blend. We will miss using it in Winter. Also please start delivering Biodiesel.

Pat L, Farmer, 2011

Excellent service and great product. Thank you for working with us on the pilot. We will order B10 going forward for trucking (Winter) and B50 for facilities heating. BTW, thank you for working with our existing diesel distributor.

Z Rehm, Fleet manager, OH, 2011

Thank you for pumping at a short notice. Pass along my thanks to Oscar. A few of the truckers will be coming your way. Thank you for helping the individual truckers like us, we need folks like you.

Ron Y, Trucker, 2009

Worked with a few Biodiesel technology companies before, but the depth of knowledge, ability to provide the high quality equipment and experience in the process you guys possess is truly helping independent consultants such as me. Thank you for the high quality equipment. My customer is happy, and I am happy 🙂

Bill D, Technology consultant, 2011

Thank for the excellent analysis of our systems and the design drawings. They are truly first class. We are especially impressed with your 3D modeling and chemical analysis capabilities.

Joel T, Plant Manager 2012

We stopped using Cetane boosters after started using your Bio. Saving money on both ends. Keep up the good work. Thinking of blending it down to B10 all through the winter starting Nov, will it work? (JD note: Yes it will, Cesar)

Cesar M, Maintenance supervisor, large trucking fleet, IN, 2009

Excellent product. We have been holding off for a long time. Thank you for the education. You guys converted us into Biodiesel evangelists! Great price too. Thank you.

Bob R, Regeants, 2011

Please pass along my thanks to the folks at the fill station. They have been fantastic and the product we bought is working out great. And the price is great too.

Ronen C, Biodiesel enthusiast and user, 2011

I have been making and using Biodiesel for a long time. Without all the pain, now I can buy Biodiesel close to home. I bought 110 gallons to use both in my Mercedes and in my Home Heating boiler. It was excellent. No problems whatsoever…wife liked it too! Thank you guys for a pleasant experience […]

John C, Beavercreek, OH, 2007

Thank you for the tour of the new process (Super(TM)), I truly believe what you guys developed is a cutting edge technology that is going to disrupt the Biodiesel business as we know it. Thank you for great trip and knowledge tour, I would recommend you guys on all levels.

Sam P, Process Specialist (consulting for a PE firm), 2013